Surya Solar Power Company Nepal, Australia, Singapore
Surya Solar Power Company Nepal, Australia, Singapore
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Surya Power Company Pvt. Ltd. is an international organization that designs, supplies and installs solar home system for residential/commercial application. We are a one-step provider of individual components, complete systems as well as expert to provide a complete turn-key solution for your power needs.
  • Solar power system will help reduce your bills
  • Government Subsidy* ( not applicable for    urban areas at this time)
  • Produce clean electricity and reduce the impact of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Installing a solar power system helps you to meet energy requirements
  • Stop living in dark - Let us bring light to your life.

Conserve energySolar Panel kathmandu

- Produce energy

- Invest in Energy 

Install a Solar Power System at home

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NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) predicts up to 16 hours per day of electric power deficit this winter. Inverters only have so much capacity and they will not work if they cannot be recharged, generators are expensive and diesel is not always available. Solar power is the only sure way of beating these long periods of black outs and getting value for your money.

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