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How can I reduce my electricity bill / usages ?

  1. use energy efficient appliances eg CFL bulbs, start with the bigger appliance first they consume more
  2. If you use heaters/ air-conditioning unit , check on the insulation. Make them better and air tight. If needed put a double glass on the window. The cost of these improvements is far less than the energy you will have to make up for the heat/cold loss. If you use fans, make sure that there is plenty of places for air flow and try to make double ventilations.
  3. Switch lights/ TV/ Computer monitor on only when needed - switch them off when there is no one in the room or you are not using it.
  4. Heat water only when needed. Heaters are one of the biggest contributor to
    electricity charges.
  5. Use water from ground tank instead of using the water that has been pumped up to the roof tank.