Agribusiness Promotion and Market Development Directorate

Rooftop Office backup System with a capacity of 4KW

Project Info:

Agribusiness Promotion and Marketing Development Directorate (ABPMDD) is the major government institution entrusted for carrying out various activities relationg to agribusiness promotion and marketing of agricultural products. Commercialization of agriculture has been priority of carious agricultural programs at recent times which has increased substantial marketable surplus of various agricultural products within the country.  With the increase in the volume of marketable surplus, the need for assured market outlets has become very necessary.
ABPMDD is improving the overall agricultural marketing system. But in the year XXXX , when the loadshedding was around 18hrs a day, it would be difficult for any organizations to function smoothly due to lack of energy to operate its infrastructures. That was time when the organization decided to strenthen its operations by going solar.
ABPMDD has installed 4 KW of solar system to provide backup during loadshedding for complete office hours. The installed capacity generates around 600 units of electricity every month. This amount of self-generated energy has saved them roughly 2665 liters of diesel annually. 

Surya Power Company has installed the system at our office and the system is working great. We do not need generator for back up.

District office, Office back up
  • Start Date: 2013-12-09
  • End Date: 1970-01-01
  • Client:District office

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