Global IME Bank Limited

100% on Solar.

Project Info:

Global IME Bank Limited is one of the banks which is working with us from quite a long time.
GIBL - Kalikot Branch had no regular relaible supply of electricity in the year 2015. We agreed and signed a contract to serve Kalikot Branch with our 100% solar power backup system. No diesel, no petrol; till the date this branch runs solely on the power from the sun.
The branch has installed 2.8KW of system and it generates around 420 units of electricity every month. This amount of self generated electricty has saved the Kalikot Branch roughly 1865 liters of diesel every year.

Surya Power Company leases the system to us - one of the first company to initiate this venture. They take care of all the maintenance. The systems are running smoothly.

Global IME Bank Limited, GIBL
  • Start Date: 2016-03-03
  • End Date: 2016-03-20
  • Client:Global IME Bank Limited

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