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Norwegian Embassy Power Back-up
Residential back up at the Embassy
Office back up at the embassy

Project Info:

Norway is a committed development partner to Nepal. The formal amicable journey of Nepal and Norway started since 1996. We are thankful to Norwegian Government for all support and coordination. And we are honored to get an opportunity to serve them with our services since 2012.
We have designed and supplied solar power backup system at the residency of Ambassador of Norway and providing after sales services thereafter. 
The system is a rooftop type solar system and consistes of 9KW of PV modules. The system generates 1350 units of electricity each month.
It was a moment of pride for us while working in Norwegian Embassy for Nepal becasue the Tier 1 Solar Panel (REC) we had been importing from quite a long time was a Norwegian Brand. 
While almost all of the projects in Nepal were off-gird projects with no grid-interactivity facility, this project was one of the first solar projects in Nepal to have the provision of grid-interactivity (ready to grid-Feed-in). 
The installed capacity of the system saves 6000 liters of diesel annually. 

Norwegian Embassy,
  • Start Date: 2012-10-02
  • End Date: 2012-10-07
  • Client:Norwegian Embassy

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