PhalamSangu Water Lifting

Solar water lifting in Phalamsangu, Sindhupakchowk.

Project Info:

Sindhupalchok district. Although the district is close to Nepal's capital Kathmandu, it is one of the least developed districts in Nepal. This district was hit hard by the Great Gorkha Earthquake-2015. People living in Phalamsangu, Jalbire rural municipality, Sindhupalchok  were directly affected as their only spring water source dried out after the earthquake.
This small community resides at the altitude of around 3000 ft from the sea level. People of various ethinic groups lives in harmony in this rural community.
A Non-Governmental Organization, Free The Oppressed, decided to help this poor community and the leader to this project Warran Jones contacted us for the solution.
We, without delay, sent our a team for survey and concluded that the communited would be needing 20,000 liters of water each day.  The technical team designed the system and march on with all equipment  to lift the water from 280 ft below.
This solar water lifting system benefits around 100 households of Sildupalchowk district.
Kudos to Warran Jones and Free The Oppressed.

Surya Power Company provides good after sales service.

Back up for home, Back up power
  • Start Date: 2017-09-14
  • End Date: 2017-09-17
  • Client:Back up for home

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