Solar Lantern

S001 - 3 wp
Solar Lantern

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up to 60 hours of light

Detailed description is given here:

  • Highly portable and easy to use
  • Dual charging option (Solar/AC line)
  • Highly reliable Li-ion battery( 4400 mAh)
  • Mobile charging USB port
  • 5- stage Light
  • Upto 60 hours of continuous lighting


The System Consists of:

  • SPC Branded 3wp solar panel   SPC Branded 3wp solar panel
  • Mobile Charging Sockets   Mobile Charging Sockets
  • AC charger   AC charger
  • Portable Light   Portable Light

What can you use?

  • Low light (30 lumen) Total: 1 for 60 hours
  • Brightest Light (130 Lumen) Total: 1 for 16 hours

Important Information on Batttery Life

Please note that battery should only be used up to half the capacity most of the time. Hence, when the extra storage capacity of the battery is used, it is crucial to allow the battery to recover and get to the fully charged stage as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the life of the battery will start to deteriorate very quickly and you will have to change the battery frequently. * All batteries distributed by us are collected back for recycling.

Easy to use, handy, portable, can be used a torch or as a room light...

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The amount of electricity produced with the 295 watt panel vary by season, but it is expected to produce an average of 1,380 watt per day and producing 1,770 watt per day. Your needs vary. Based on your requirement we can recommend a 3w system to MW scale solutions.

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